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From Worry to Shame

by Head with Wings

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thirdsystem thumbnail
thirdsystem So glad to have discovered this great band. Heard first on the Thought Radio show last week. Great melodies over powerful Prog Rock with many beautiful moments. This is something special. I am getting a bit of a Rush type vibe but much more also. What an album this is and I will need to get the CD also. Too many great tracks to chose a best one yet.
earthsideofficialfanaccount thumbnail
earthsideofficialfanaccount We're very proud of our work on this one and what we created together. You guys wrote beautiful songs that moved us from the moment we heard them in their infancy before they became what they are now. Favorite track: Goodbye Sky.
Eric Schooff
Eric Schooff thumbnail
Eric Schooff Music is passion. And this is probably the most passionate album I've ever heard. Favorite track: In Dark Motel Rooms.
Deej thumbnail
Deej Passionate and meandering, highly recommended. It flows beautifully from one song to the next like a gentle breeze, effortlessly flowing and consuming and wrapping around everything as it goes...

I like driving to this especially, it just consumes me. Buy this, you won’t be disappointed. Favorite track: Somewhere, Something Gives.
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Goodbye Sky 05:49
Find me underneath. Her body lies still. The findings are impure as hell. Goodbye sky. You’re so far from here. When lights go out, you’re darkening all that I fear. Wouldn’t you like it if I just stayed in and never played a beat? Smashing those bottles right over my head, so all I do is bleed. You’re lonesome now, she’s gone for good. Maybe she’ll block out the sun. Tomorrow a new day comes undone. I do not reminisce on the things that I missed in my life. I do not reminisce on my life. I’ll figure it out. I’m writing this one off. Her pieces lay shattered, though I still remain the same. I no longer reminisce. I no longer reminisce on the pieces that I missed, that I miss. I no longer reminisce on the pieces that I miss. Goodbye sky. You’re so far from here.
Blood flows down the halls. Bullet holes line the walls. The kids were not the same ever again. Somewhere, something gives. Someday, I’ll forgive. Somewhere, something gives. Someday for you. A trail of tears left behind from the god-fearing kind. Kill me please, for I won’t believe. I paint your picture in my dreams. Painted your picture in my dreams. So I can see you every day. So I can see you every day. All signs point to you. All signs point. Line up all the kindred souls. (It’s time to let go of all that you know) Where is their god? No one knows. Rage needs time to grow.
In Memoriam 06:08
Cascade over the place where her body remains. Flowers lay to decay at the site of this unmarked grave. In memoriam, we’ll find a way to curb the pain and move on in our own way. In memoriam, I cry out today. Unfathomable day unlocks a threshold of pain. As I stare at the dirt I still can’t place the blame. The darkened thoughts reign over me, ‘till I come undone to kill everything. Every morning she’d say, “Daddy calm down it’s okay.” There’s a way to force a smile onto your face. If I give, then I can take it away.
Misanthropy 05:40
Have you no more cause for alarm? Wake me up to breaking light. Waking up to breaking light. I’m with you now to show you how to read and place your final stakes in him. Tip toe across the seams. If I could mend all the wounds, would you then trust me? If I could wage my war from here, could you still sleep? If I could bend all the rules, would you still have me? I could end this war from here, while you sleep.
From worry to shame. Always the cause for blame. When words never flow just how you want them to. It’s been such a long year. Slaving this way, to the place where vices love to stay. Cowering at the thought of years. Don’t leave your room. They’ll have you figured out real soon. A crippling jurisdiction. Tired of waiting here. Hiding beneath my fears. It’s such a waste my dear, I could not compare. The sun burns. Wait by the corridor and maybe she’ll walk inside. (You weren’t there) Why take a photograph when pictures will fade in time? Discarded by the lake until only the bones remained. Here lies my wife’s tree. My one last memory. It’s just the way I am. Some kind of fallacy. Remember who I am. Remembering who I am. It’s just the weight of the world tying my hands in shameful knots. Always the cause for blame. Always the cause for blame. Always the cause for blame. Cowering at the thought of years.
Down for the count. Live and see. Come away with me for a while. Find some stability in ruination. We’re locked away. I’m here to stay. Gone were my friends when we began. Beyond the wall, the dead have lived long before. Beyond the wall, the dead have lived long before. Beyond the wall, dead lived long before. Beyond the wall.
Wake from a dream. You don’t know what it means when life pulls you by the sleeve. You’re the dreamer. I am too. Far away, far away, far away. You’re deafened by the noise. You’re blinded by all the boys. Just one more stepping stone. To live a life reborn. Hear my name far from here. Won’t you lift me up to spread my wings? Lift me up to spread my wings. Lift me up then separate. Just one more stepping stone. To live a life reborn. Just one more stepping stone, To shed my life of all these empty things.
In a way, You belong to me now. For right or wrong, underneath all those false impressions. Misunderstood. Oh yeah, yeah. Please me under the covers; Like warriors. Bleed me, bleed me like once more without leaving me with doubt. Break away from your past obsessions. We’re in the aftermath where you confide, hide in the worst parts of my mind. Reach for the day, to come up empty handed to wait and waste time. Reach out your hand towards me to hold on in this place where I feel so alone. I’ll Find my way back home.
Borrow your sorrow. Remember the way, the way that she played you off? Like someone else? Waiting for him to let it begin. My days run wild. Wild. Wild since she said she loved me. My days run wild. Wild. Wild since she said she’d leave me. Hollow is my core. Nothing but shame flows through my veins. You are my destiny. Awaken in chains, no time to arrange. Years before guiding lights, it used to seem like forever. I confessed. She replied, “You used to be my everything.” Once you’ve lived off life’s concessions stand you will obey me for so long. Days away, away from here. You showed me that I should care. I wasn’t aware. I wasn’t aware of all this. You shoved me backwards again. Reflecting on all that you’ve said to me, well I won’t go. You’re tiptoeing away to let it all fall. Lie down, lie down, lie down. I’ll put you on the ground. With all you’ve said to me. The making, breaking promises in style. Oh, it’s rich. Oh, it’s rich, but it’s not enough. You forgive, then you forget.


What The Critics Are Saying:

"From the moment the picked guitars of opener "Goodbye Sky" make their sun-kissed presence felt, it's clear this is an album boasting an embarrassment of riches on the melody front."
Planet Rock Magazine ★★★★ 4/5

"There are more than enough points of melancholic majesty to make this well worth a listen."
PROG Magazine

"There's a passion in the vocal delivery that matches the subject matter."
Powerplay Magazine

"In many ways there are more interesting musical ideas in one Head With Wings track, than on entire albums of other so-called “progressive” bands."
The Prog Space ★★★★★ 5/5

"An imaginative, passionate and nurtured work of art that is more than worth your time and certainly its $7 cost. I cannot fault it."
Metallum Sub Terra ★★★★★★★★★★ 10/10

"Head With Wings has the gift of transporting the listener in his introspective universe, at once ethereal by the emotion and sensitivity deployed, radically real by the subject addressed in the texts and very organic with the use of many natural sounds. Feet firmly rooted in reality and the spirit that tends to tear off. Rarely will a group have so well named ..."
Music Waves ★★★★ 4/5

"Catchy, beautiful and haunting, they seem to have found a winning formula."

“Although at times melancholic and stark with lyrics to match, Head With Wings have put out a winner with From Worry To Shame. I also commend the band for tackling some societal issues that many bands wouldn’t touch. A thought provoking and rewarding listen, both lyrically and musically. Recommended.”
Sea of Tranquility ★★★★ 4/5

"From Worry To Shame is an outstanding, dark, sincere album that is sure to take this duo to the next level."
Distorted Sound Magazine ★★★★★★★★★ 9/10

"The music is delicate and flows organically from the deep lyrics and obvious passion that the band has for both art and humanity."
The Prog Mind 8.5/10

"Head with Wings have made a very impressive debut album. Fans of Agent Fresco, Dredg and Coheed & Cambria are welcome to lend an ear."
Betreutes Proggen

"In particular, the vocals of singer Joshua Corum prove in songs like "Somewhere, Something Gives," that the aftermath of the 1990's is still to be found today."

“Like a good hunter, Head with Wings steal gently and carefully in the opener “Goodbye Sky,” to the unsuspecting listener. Like the tides on the beach, the mood changes in the song, giving it an incredible fascination.”
Hooked on Music

“Head with Wings create a successful long-playing debut with ‘From Worry To Shame,’ which excels with its fine, varied guitar playing and clear sound.”

"Outstanding feature, however, is the voice of Joshua Corum, who is able to set the accents with his high and haunting vocals. Somehow, this reminds me of Dredg or sometimes the actual output of A Perfect Circle."
Metal Glory

"The mix is ​​unquestionably promising, and with a little tweaking, Head with Wings have the potential to break even commercially. Post and alternative rock fans who do not always want to hear the same lyre, the album "From Worry To Shame" is already recommended for check-in."

"From Worry to Shame is a great and promising debut album that has big potential."
Empire Music Magazine

"With this delicate subject, Head with Wings achieved a masterful debut album of maturity and emotion. This album is proof that the prog does not have to be outrageously technical to succeed in touching."
Koid'9 Magazine Rock & Progressif ★★★★★ 5/5

"A musical tapestry that spans epochs in terms of style, sound and substance, the restless and incredibly infectious energy that infuses this dynamic release almost gives it a life of its own."
Prog Radar

"This album, inspired by and in memory of those lost in the Sandy Hook school shootings, is a remarkable and heartfelt achievement that examines with aching beauty the fragility of life without once sounding preachy, saccharine or pompous."
The Day

“The end of the story isn’t about people living happily ever after. But a feeling of defiance, of gathering strength, pervades the rest of the album. We might not be able to put everything back together. But it doesn’t mean we give up, either.”
The New Haven Independent

"I'm on my twelfth or thirteenth listen, and I always find interesting things. The production is impeccable, flawless delivery and undeniable quality. Is this not the making of a great album?"
Profil Prog 8.1/10

"From Worry to Shame is a special whole, where both text and music radiate an extraordinary amount of intensity."

"The atmosphere, regular use of the acoustic guitar and the message in the lyrics are important for this duo and not so much rousing solos or bombastic arrangements."
iO Pages

"Tackling a story and issues that must be heard to truly comprehend, this emotionally driven masterpiece flows through so many dynamics of all shapes and sizes."
That Drummer Guy

"FWTS is a very interesting work, in which the musicians combined many uncooperative aspects, such as dynamic musical presentation with sad content of songs, complex guitar parts with simple melodies and the densest wall of sound with pure perception of each instrument. We should pay tribute to the ingenuity of the musicians of Head with Wings, who with guitars alone, could draw the most beautiful musical canvas. A very serious start for a fairly young group!"
DA Vision (Russia) 8.3/10

"It is an incredibly intense album, both lyrically and especially musically, so much so that at times it feels there is a weight, a physical pressure, being delivered. It is all part of the presence and forethought which has gone into it. Overall this is a wonderful debut, and I for one am certainly looking forward to the next one with great interest."
Kev Rowland, Progressor ★★★★★ 5/6


released June 1, 2018

Head with Wings is:
Joshua Corum - Lead Vocals, Guitars
Brandon Cousino - Guitars
Andrew Testa - Drums
Mike Short - Guitars
Steve Hill - Bass

All songs written by Brandon Cousino & Joshua Corum, except "Goodbye Sky," written by Joshua Corum, Brandon Cousino & Jamie Van Dyck

Produced by Earthside members Frank Sacramone & Jamie Van Dyck

Pre-production & writing assistance by Jamie Van Dyck & Frank Sacramone (2014/2015)
Recorded by Frank Sacramone & Jamie Van Dyck between 2015 and 2017
Drums and Bass recorded by Frank Sacramone & Andrew Oedel at Northfire Recording Studio in Amherst, MA (2015)
Electric & Acoustic Guitars recorded by Frank Sacramone at Studio Benoit in Wallingford, CT (2015/2016), at Frank's House (2016/2017) and at Adorea Recording Studio in Hamden, CT with Travis Bell (2017)
Additional Guitars recorded by Jamie Van Dyck (2016)
Additional Guitar Re-amplification by David Castillo at Studio Gröndahl in Stockholm, Sweden (2017)
Vocals recorded by Frank Sacramone & Jamie Van Dyck at Frank's House (2017)
Edited by Frank Sacramone, Jamie Van Dyck, Brandon Cousino & Joshua Corum (2015-2017)
Mixed & mastered by Forrester Savell (2017)

Additional credits & performances by:
Andrew Testa - Drums & Percussion
Joe Elliott - Bass Guitar & Additional Backing Vocals
Frank Sacramone - Additional Electric Guitars
Jamie Van Dyck - Additional Guitars & Backing Vocal Arrangements
Ben Shanbrom - Additional Backing Vocals

Featured guitar solo on "Treading Lightly" by Jamie Van Dyck

Art Direction & Layout - Nick Robinson // www.slightlyawake.com
Album Design Concept - Joshua Corum
Photography - Nicki Chavoya, Joshua Corum, Brandon Cousino, Nick Robinson & Joe Elliott


all rights reserved



Head with Wings New Haven, Connecticut

Head with Wings are storytellers of sound. Textured, ethereal, and blissfully haunting, the U.S. - based quintet creates boundary-pushing rock songs that straddle the aesthetic line between art music and narrative drama.

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